Pothole reporting

Over the weekend your Resident Association councilors and election candidates were out on key roads in Woodcote & Langley Vale and College wards.

Working on Burgh Heath Road which with College ward councillor and candidates.

Using an app called FixMyStreet allows prompt and efficient reporting of many items not just potholes.

Roads looked at were Burgh Heath Road and Woodcote Green Road, WoodcoteSide with more being walked and reported. Below are the maps showing the after situation of reporting using FixMyStreet.

Potholes logged on Woodcote Green Road
Potholes reported along Burgh Heath Road.

We continue to progress with logging potholes and other road defects in our ward and in the borough.

Please join us in using the FixMyStreet app to help report these issues sooner and faster.

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