Latest on Demolition on Epsom Hospital site

Demolition of main building is now underway. At a meeting last week the demolition contractor reported that the work was progressing quite slowly and the project is approximately 5 weeks behind schedule because of the extensive asbestos found. Great care is being taken to avoid dust and noise. All demolished material is being taken off site and 85% is recycled. This is about 4 loads per day.

The present hospital entrance off Woodcote Green Road will be temporarily relocated to the area previously occupied by Woodcote Lodge to allow safe demolition of that part of Rowan House which is close to the present entrance.

Demolition of the tall chimney is expected to begin mid-May. The top 20m will be removed by had after full scaffolding; the remainder by machine. Completion is still expected in October when the area will become temporary car parking.

Our overall impression is that the contractor is being careful and responsible and is likely to respond to any residents’ concerns. They are working hard not to cause undue nuisance to residents.

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