Welcome to the Woodcote (Epsom) Residents’ Society

A very warm welcome to WERS. We are a local residents society for the Woodcote ward aligned with the Epsom & Ewell Residents’ Associations.

Our main purpose is to provide a voice for local residents in items in the ward that we can progress with our borough council or county councillors, on your behalf or in conjunction with you.

The society nominates and supports candidates for borough council elections and currently, we have three RA borough councillors in post for Woodcote ward.

  1. Liz Frost
  2. Bernice Froud
  3. Steven McCormick

All of our borough councillors live in the Woodcote ward and are ‘Local People Looking after Local Interests’.

A benefit of the Resident Association alignment is that we are not impacted by any national party politics or policy; we are truly concerned with local interests.