Report from Cllr Bernice Froud up-to September 2019

I have attended many training sessions and workshops since the election and also had contact with many residents.  Below is a short summary of some of the things I have been involved in.

I was appointed to serve as an Epsom & Walton Downs Conservator and have attended a few workshops and meetings.  There have been a few problems highlighted about anti-social driving around the Downs, particularly in the central car park and this issue is being addressed.  Liz has covered more about our work on this body in her report.

I also sit on the Community & Wellbeing Committee and at the first meeting in June the Rainbow Leisure Centre were given approval to close the dedicated indoor Bowls hall in favour of a Children’s Soft Play area.  The reason for this was that the Bowling Clubs bowl outside during the summer months and it was not economically viable for the hall to be unused for 3-6 months per year.  The good news is that indoor bowls will still be offered at the Rainbow Centre in the form of a bookable sport in the main hall, using portable bowling mats.

The Committee also approved the Council’s request to search for an expert to take over the management of Ewell Court House in order to generate higher incomes from rentals.  The Council will still wholly own Ewell Court House and there will be a proviso that residents in E&E will still be able to access this beautiful resource.  It is hoped that the new management arrangement will operate a service similar to that seen between the Council and the Rainbow Leisure Centre which has been very successful to date.

I have attended a Health Liaison Panel, chaired by Liz and her report has the latest update about the new integrated care partnership and the Council’s emerging Health Strategy for the borough.

Liz and I met with Claire, our local Police Officer to discuss the problems being caused by a huge increase in the amount of cars being driven down Chalk Lane.  An officer has recently been deployed there to remind drivers that this road is  for access only.  We also discussed other issues such as suspected drug use in the Ward and speeding.

Residents’ concerns have been centred largely around unwanted/inconsiderate parking, mainly around schools and this continues to be a challenging and ongoing issue to solve.  There have also been quite a few concerns raised about the state of grass verges in Langley Vale and some allotments at Epsom Common.

Planning applications and decisions – this has been a very busy subject and we are currently handling concerns and questions from quite a few residents, arising from the application to develop the Atkins site, closure and redevelopment of the Wells Centre and also the Woodland Trust site at Langley Vale.

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