Borough Councillor Update – August 2021- Liz Frost

I’m contacting you with some updates on Borough Council matters.

Guild Living Appeal – The appeal by the applicants against the Council’s refusal of their planning applications to redevelop part of the Epsom Hospital site is being heard at a public enquiry.  There are a huge number of papers dealing with this at Appeals Inquiry – Guild Living

The enquiry is scheduled to take place between 17th and 25th August.  I have requested to either speak at the enquiry or submit a statement on behalf of residents.  The enquiry will be held virtually and will be live-streamed.  Details are at this link:

22-24 Dorking Road Appeal – This appeal is against the Council’s refusal of their planning application to build a block of 20 flats on the corner of Dorking Road and White Horse Drive.  Although the appeal was registered last December, it is only just ‘live’.  It will be decided by written representations. For those of you who contacted the Council and made comments on the original application, these will be sent to the Planning Inspector.  You should also have received a letter from the Council to let you know about the appeal and how you can make any new additional points to the Inspector if you wish to do so.

Horton Cemetery – do you know about Horton Cemetery?  It has been proposed that Horton Cemetery should be added to the Borough Council’s local list of buildings, monuments and landscapes which have historical or architectural interest. The Council is currently asking local residents for their views about this.  If you would like to comment, please email your views to by 31st August.

Boundary Commission – The consultation on changes to Ward boundaries and numbers of Councillors has now closed, thank you to those of you who contributed.  The next stage will be consultation on the Commission’s draft recommendations.  This should open on the 5 October and run until 13 December when you will be able to comment on those recommendations.

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) – The Council is currently consulting on two PSPOs, which are designed to help the Council to address some aspects of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the borough.  The first is the renewal of an order to restrict the consumption of alcohol in certain public spaces as ASB is often fuelled by excessive alcohol. The second PSPO being proposed covers psychoactive substances such as nitrous oxide.  Many of you will have seen the small silver nitrous oxide canisters and other drug paraphernalia littering our parks and open spaces in recent times.  These issues are not specific to this borough, you have probably seen reports of these types of ASB reported in many places.  Both the consultations run until 6th September. 

For more information and to take part, please go to  

The Downs – I’m sure most of you are aware from my past messages that Epsom & Walton Downs is private land to which we are fortunate to have ‘access for air and exercise on foot’, to quote the Act of Parliament governing its use.  The Act further qualifies this by saying that nothing must interfere with the training of racehorses.  Please remember that until noon, Mondays to Saturdays and until 9.30 on Sundays the Downs is a racehorse training area.  Racehorses can be dangerous and unpredictable animals and need a peaceful surrounding for getting to and from the Gallops and for training.  For your own safety and enjoyment, and for the safety of those who work on the Downs, we would encourage you to avoid visiting the Downs during racehorse training times – please enjoy them in the afternoons.

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