Rosebery Park – unauthorised encampment 

The occupiers in Rosebery Park arrived and the Council immediately started the process of statutory welfare checks and then issued a direction to leave.  Unfortunately, this was not adhered to, and so the Council had to apply to the magistrate’s court for a summons to issue an eviction notice.

Council attended court and obtained the eviction notice which was served by the Police with 24 hours to vacate.

Following this, bailiffs moved the group on early Saturday morning. Our Council Officers are now engaged in cleaning and clearing up the rubbish.

Unfortunately, the group has not travelled far – they are now occupying Fair Green on West Hill.  The Council are undertaking the welfare checks today and then will serve the direction to leave notice.  If necessary, another court order will be applied for from the magistrate’s court.

Council Officers are looking at steps that can be taken to deter unauthorised vehicles from entering Rosebery Park.  In the meantime, we thank Officers for acting as quickly as regulations permit – and for undertaking the cleaning and clearing necessary following the encampment.

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