Advertise with us

Our newsletter is delivered quarterly to 2,500 member households in Woodcote and Langley Vale. It pays to advertise your business to local residents in our quarterly A4 Newsletter

To book advertising space please email:

Our current, highly competitive rates, are:

For a standard advertisement

                                                          Per Single Issue                   Per 4 Issues             

Quarter Page                                      30.00                                   100.00    

Half Page                                             50.00                                   150.00

Full Page                                            100.00                                   300.00

For inside or outside cover

                                                          Per Single Issue                 Per 4 Issues

Quarter Page                                      35.00                                   110.00

Half Page                                             55.00                                 200.00

Full Page                                            125.00                                   450.00

Copy deadlines for advertisements are as follows

Edition                                             Distributed                             Copy Deadline


Winter                                              January                                  11 December


Spring                                              April                                        11 March

Summer                                           July                                         10 June

Autumn                                            October                                  9 September

Winter                                              January                                  9 December

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